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10 Signs You Need To Repair Your AC


During the summer months, you need to be sure that your air conditioning unit is in tiptop shape. Sweating in the sweltering heat outdoors in one thing but entirely different when you experience the same conditions inside your house.

Your house is the place you expect to cool off your heels, the place of zen for you and your family.

Therefore, you are within your rights to be angry when your ac unit decides to malfunction by not giving you your money’s worth.

It always beats you when your unit misbehaves during such balmy days. Such are the days when your unit gets pushed beyond its limits. Such are the times when you ask yourself whether you have bee true to your unit-scheduling for the regular checkups it needs.

If so, then there is cause for worry. Maybe its time you need to boot it out.

A quick run down with technicians from an AC Contractor in San Diego points out what to look out for to repair your unit. Indulge.


You definitely don’t need warm air during the hot summer months. Your ac unit has a job to do, and that is to provide a cold, refreshing air during such times. If your unit is consequently producing warm air, there are two possibilities. Either the unit is low on refrigerant, or there’s a problem with the compressor.

It’s time you called the technicians to remedy the situation. Don’t fret. Our company offers bespoke HVAC Services San Diego. Rest assured, we got you covered.


The thermostat is the brains behind the working of your cooling unit. It’s responsible for issuing commands and dictates how much cold air the unit is supposed to generate. If your ac runs for a short time before shutting off, or if it doesn’t turn on altogether, it’s an indication that the thermostat has difficulties determining the unit’s workings/operation.

If you feel that your thermostat is starting to malfunction, we are well equipped to handle the intricate details of such electrical components.


It is quite similar to the warm air problem. Despite cold air blowing out of the ac unit, the amounts may be insufficient to achieve the desired cooling effect. In most cases, this points to a malfunction in the compressor.

Similarly, it may highlight a problem with the ducts releasing cold air through perforations. As a homeowner, you may be uncertain about what the problem is.

Your HVAC guy will inspect, rectify, and ensure no potential issues occur in the future.


These are among the last things you would want to hear when cooling off during a hot summer day. It’s not among one of the favorite cups of tea among many homeowners. The scraping or squealing sound is an indication that the belt is out of place.

Getting this issue checked promptly will ensure that it doesn’t cause damage to other internal parts.


In case there’s an odd or funny smell emitted when the ac unit gets turned on, it could point to the possibility of burning wires. Further to this, a musty smell could indicate the presence of molds in the duct work.

You must employ a trained HVAC technician’s services since such a unit could propagate a series of respiratory ailments for both you and your family.


Repairs may seem to be a better option than replacement. But if you notice that you’ve conducted repairs multiple times in a month, you should replace your unit.

Our ac contractors in San Diego understand that it’s not worth repairing your unit to extend its life by short periods. It’s quite understandable that replacement doesn’t feature immediately in your budget but, it would do you good to replace it rather than repair.

The technicians can assess the viability of your ac unit in preparation for getting a new one.


The one thing familiar with with the ac industry in San Diego is humidity. In case your HVAC unit isn’t riding off the moisture in your home, it’s time you called in the specialists.

Humidity fosters the proliferation of mildew and molds that can be detrimental to your family’s health.


Moisture around your ac unit can be an indication of condensation.

However, a buildup of condensate or a sign of odd color should be a cause of worry. The most dangerous form of leakage is the refrigerant leak. Since refrigerants are poisonous, service technicians must arrest the situation as quickly as possible.

The apparent problems to such leakages are either breakage or blockage in the drain line.


If you notice an unproportional spike in your power consumption, then your unit’s efficiency should be brought to question. It’s understandable that during the summer months, your utility bill spikes up a little bit.

However, if the increase raises eyebrows, it would be best to call the experts and have your unit checked. Your duct work or thermostat may have a problem, or simply, your unit is approaching its life’s end.

10. AGE

As with anything in life, electrical components aren’t immune to age. The standard or the required age limit to your air conditioning unit is ten years. You may want to consider an early replacement if your air conditioner is approaching the ten-year mark, more so if its prone to frequent repairs.

It will be expensive, but it will save you extra costs in the form of electric bills. You should also be grateful since most of these gadgets don’t last up to ten years.


Life is good, and it should be great-with an ac, of course. However, if you find that your ac creates complications such as the ones highlighted, experts are out there to lend you a helping hand.

Don’t’ skewer yourself this summer. Take the necessary steps and protect you and your family.

Cano air provides free estimates so book your appointment today.

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