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Cano Heating and Air in San Diego offers UV Air Purifier Installation Services

Have you thought of getting HVAC services, San Diego? Do you know what is UV air purifier and how it benefits you?

You must know about a general air purifier. UV air purifiers have advanced technology with the ability to emit some UV rays.

It helps to kill bacteria and germs in the air. As a result, the air is fresh and free from any type of microbe that can harm you.

Let us see what are UV rays in the first place. Naturally, UV rays are present in the sunlight. The UV light is extremely useful in killing bacteria and stops it from multiplication.

Many devices can release UV rays artificially, hence, this technology is added to the air purifiers to help kill bacteria in the air.

What is UV air purifier?

UV air purifiers can emit short wavelengths of UV rays. These can give microbes effectively that are harmful to your body. This technology is called UV germicidal irradiation.

Generally, air purifiers are meant to keep the air clean as much as possible. With UV light technology integrated, it can kill germs more effectively from the air and keep it fresh.

How does UV air purifier work?

The UV air purifier consists of many chambers for air purification. Once the air from your room enters the device it is cleansed at various steps.

Different cells get rid of different particles from the air. Some are specifically made to get rid of bad odor, while others are designed to remove large unwanted particles.

Similarly, there is a different compartment where the air is exposed to UV rays and the pathogens are killed at this stage. The ray changes the DNA structure of the germs, taking away their ability to harm you.

Later, the air is released back into the room. Here you can breathe in the fresh air, free from dust particles or microbes. You will understand how the device works once you find out the benefits of using a UV air purifier.

As a result, the pathogens cannot multiply anymore. Hence, even if you breathe in the microbes, then cannot make you sick.

There are many benefits of using a UV air purifier. Five of them are listed down below.

5 benefits of UV air purifier

1. Get rid of unwanted odor

Sometimes do you get a smell a bad odor at home? You don’t like it, but you can’t do anything about it? Nothing to worry about, UV air purifier will take care of the problem.

In the UV air purifier, there are active carbon filters. When air passes through this filter, it captures any particle that is responsible for the bad smell.

So your room will be fresh and free from odor all the time. Once you get your hands on one of the UV air purifiers San Diego.

Additionally, if there is a smoker in the house and you are allergic to smoke, a UV air purifier will be a blessing for you. It can get rid of the smoke and keep the air fresh in the room.

It can take care of the smell of pet, food, moisture, or any other type of smell. The active carbon is powerful at attracting these particles and eliminating them with the help of the device.

2. Better air-breathing

Many particles in the air can cause difficulty in breathing such as pollen, grain, and dust particles. Some can even cause allergic reactions in your body and make you sick.

By using a UV air purifier, you can make sure that such particles never enter your breathing track. The UV air purifier consists of a filter in it.

The air in your room enters the device where it gets purified. As the air passes through the filter, such harmful particles get stuck on the device and only the clean air passes out.

This way, the device cleanses the air in the entire room and makes sure you breathe in the fresh air.

3. It gets rid of pet hair and dandruff

If you have pets, you are familiar with pet odors in the house. Additionally, pet hairs are light that can easily float in the air and reach your nose.

Cat hairs and dandruff are sticky. They can settle in places and spread germs in your house. In case, if they enter your breathing tract, it can cause severe health problems. However, you can let the UV air purifier take care of the issue.

The UV air purifiers contain prefilters. These are good for getting rid of the larger particles like hairs and dandruff. Here all the larger particles are left behind in the device as the air enters the next clarification process.

4. It makes mold-free space

Did you face problems with molds in the house before? An air purifier can help you remove them completely.

Mold needs moisture to grow in places. They can release spores in the air, which can spread the molds into different parts of the house.

In can grow on carpets, your children’s toys, or any other surface. One of the major problems with mold is they can cause allergic reactions once they are in the respiratory tract. So, they must be removed from the air before they start affecting your family.

This can be extremely discomforting to people living in the house. The UV air purifier is particularly effective in treating molds using the HEPA filters.

It makes sure to get rid of the spores in the air. Thus it prevents mold from spreading from one place to another.

5. Keeps everything clean

When you are dusting at home, do you notice the dust particles floating and settling on the surface once again? This problem will stop as soon as you get your hands on a UV air purifier.

The device is specially designed to get rid of the dust particles instantly it is in the air. It makes sure dust particles do not settle on your cleaned surface. Hence it keeps the house cleaner than it was before.

Bonus: Germ Fighting Machine

It is better at fighting off germs thanks to the UV technology. By using this device, you can rest assured that you will live a healthier and more hygienic life.

Cano Heating and Air Can Help

Cano Heating and Air offers installations on all HVAC systems, including UV air purifier and air scrubbers.

Call us for a quote.

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