Heating & Furnace System

Think of your Heating & Furnace System as the heart of your home.

During the winter, it radiates warmth to your living spaces. From emergency heating system repairs to new furnace installation, you know that your comfort is in good hands with a Cano Air heating and furnace specialist. You can rest assured that our team is skilled in all aspects of heating and furnace system repair and maintenance.

We’re here to provide the fast, professional service you need utilizing cutting-edge technology.


Thermostat Installation

Maintaining your home’s ideal temperature begins with a quality, functional, and properly installed thermostat.

Your thermostat regulates the temperature of air conditioning and heating systems, so your home or office environment maintains a desired, comfortable temperature. Are you thinking of thermostat installation for your home or office? Or is your thermostat not functioning correctly?

Our trained HVAC technicians can help you to install and repair thermostat equipment correctly.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

The heat pump is the perfect HVAC system for homeowners. It is are a terrific option for homeowners that want both cooling and heating in one convenient and highly efficient system. These all-in-one heating and cooling systems keep you cool in the summer and keep you warm during the winter.

Whether you need an entirely new heat pump or just a few repairs for your existing one, Cano Air offers comprehensive, quick service. 


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