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If you’re in the San Diego area, Cano Heating and Air can help you with your HVAC tune-ups, maintenance or repairs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

HVAC is considered an essential business and they have kept operations running since the start of the pandemic in the United States. They are making  sure to follow the CDC guidelines by social distancing, temperature checks, contactless payments, and disinfecting precautions.

A customer on Yelp commented, “ After convincing my mom to go with a family owned business, rather than [a] big company, she called Cano Heating & AC. She called Javier midday and he was able to come out that afternoon. The next day, his team arrived on time and finished installing the unit and cleaned up the area around the furnace in about two hours. Javier came in the afternoon to do maintenance on her second AC unit. When explaining the issues to my mom he was thorough and kind. They also wore face masks and covered their shoes in her house. They are great!”

HVAC services can come in handy in the prevention of the deadly virus, Covid-19. Coughing and sneezing of individuals having coronavirus risks the health safety of people around them.

Droplets containing the virus can remain in the air or land on surfaces which, if someone gets in contact with them, can contract the virus.

With well-functioning HVAC systems, you can reduce the chances of transmitting Covid-19. Such services are crucial, especially now that most countries are under lockdown, forcing a huge population to stay indoors.

Other than coronavirus prevention, HVAC systems ensure that you stay in a comfortable and conducive environment, which is a good thing for your health.



This type of service is essential for your house, especially during winter. If you don’t have a heating system, it is advisable to procure them now before the demand goes up in the wintertime. It can be a heat pump or a gas incinerator, but whichever of these two you are using, we offer services and advice on which is best for your home.


Clean air is good for your well-being. If you are looking for renovation services for your home’s aeration or want to set up air purifiers, our technicians offer the finest ventilation solutions according to your preference.


You can also get air conditioning assistance while comfortably chilling in your home. Both repair and initial installation conditioning services are available from our experts.

Apart from the above services, you can procure other important services like ductless systems and solar services. Using solar saves you the struggle of paying extreme electrical bills. You can use solar energy for lighting, heating, and solar fans.


Homes and business buildings lacking HVAC systems are prone to several health hazards, including viruses. It is important to note that HVAC systems are equipped with disinfectants to kill microbes, mold, and viruses.

However, it would help if you didn’t get too comfortable for having such systems; more protective measures are essential also.

The virus causing Covid-19 is smaller than the size of normal bacteria, so it is important to upgrade the type of filters your HVAC system uses.

HVAC systems ensure that the air supply is your home is optimal for your stay.


The contingency nature of coronavirus has forced HVAC services San Diego technicians to think of several ways of ensuring their safety and those of homeowners. These measures include;

Temperature checking

Checking the temperature of HVAC services San Diego technicians before sending them to work guarantees the safety of homeowners. It also makes the owners feel safe. We utilize various temperature scanners for accurate results.

Calling customers before going to their homes.

Calling clients before showing up in their houses is ethical and a safety measure too. When we call you for service appointments, technicians would like to know if the family members are healthy, whether they have Covid-19 or not. During this time, the homeowner would be informed of the safety measures the technician will take upon arrival.

Wearing boots

All technicians are instructed too always wear boots/ shoes when offering HVAC services San Diego residents. This measure helps avoid transmission of coronavirus in case there are virus’ droplets on the floor. If the virus lands on surfaces, it can live for three days and 3hrs while in air.

To be on the safe side, technicians should remove their boots after a service call even if the homeowners were coronavirus negative. Removing boots also ensures the safety of the next clients if you contract the virus (or other infections) from the previous service call.

After services, it is crucial to wash hands thoroughly.

Putting on masks

All HVAC services San Diego providers require to put on masks before visiting clients’ homes. Wearing masks eases clients’ tension while warranting their safety. Masks are essential to the technicians as well.

They should wear new masks at every home visit and discard them after the service calls.

Putting on protective glasses

An individual can transmit coronavirus through the mouth, nose, and even the eyes. Technicians are advised to put on protective goggles, especially when servicing homeowners having Covid-19.

The virus can enter your eyes if there are its droplets in the air or when you are near a victim, and they sneeze

Wearing gloves

Putting on gloves can help the technician from contracting the virus that might have land on surfaces. After every service call, technicians must safely discard the masks.

Maintaining social distance

It is crucial for HVAC services providers to keep a six feet social distance with the homeowners. This both for the safety of the clients and technicians as well.


As we have seen, atmospheric humidity levels can affect the prevalence of viral respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. Weather changes that come with different seasons can enhance or decrease airborne virulence.

In particular, the winter season provides the optimal low humidity atmosphere that allows respiratory viruses to proliferate. Case in point, the coronavirus emerged and spread during last year’s winter period.

As winter starts, virtually everyone stays indoors, and that is where the issue begins. The chilly air that enters a warm room instantly loses roughly 19% of its moisture content. This sudden decrease in Humidity creates a friendly environment for airborne respiratory virus infection to exist. During this season, HVAC systems are essential to help optimize variable conditions.

Our bodies also don’t react well with a low humidity environment. We all have Small organelle projections along the respiratory tract known as cilia that serve to trap and expel tiny particles. When the air doesn’t contain enough Humidity, these projections cannot optimally trap and eject foreign objects such as viral particles.

Although researchers say high Humidity can assist in reducing respiratory virus prevalence, it can also be a double-edged sword. Excessive atmospheric moisture can promote the spread of respiratory viruses. For example, high Humidity can cause viral particles to sediment and fall to the floor’s surface. An individual can easily contract the respiratory ailment when they come in contact with the grounded particles.

It is best to procure a humidifier during the winter season to ensure the room’s atmospheric air is always humid. However, since many residential homes contain poor aeration, the beneficial effect of high relative humidity is often diminished.


HVAC systems are essential to any home. Investing in robust HVAC systems can help you enjoy your home’s coolness and comfort while reducing the transmission of coronavirus as well.

Cano Heating and Air offers installations on all HVAC systems.

Call us for a quote.

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