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Cano Air offers air-conditioning installation services in San Diego.

Here are our top 10 picks for air conditioning brands.

It is definitely a big decision to select the best air con brand out there. It is a significant investment which can increase the value of your home to a great extent. You will come across quite a few options, and it might be a bit tough for you to find the AC system providing you with the best value.

Here, we have mentioned the top 10 air con brands on the market to make things easier for you.


American Standard will be at the top of this list which categorizes the air conditioning units into 3 levels (Platinum, Gold, as well as Silver) and these are rated depending on efficiency, cooling, and comfort stages.

The company comes with the innovative AccuComfort™ technology which features variable speed operation enabling the system to adjust consistently to operate at an efficient speed.

When this feature is coupled with a 22.00 SEER rating, the brand provides one of the most effective multi-stage cooling systems out there.


Carrier air conditioners are referred to as one of the top air con brands on the markets because of one reason. The HVAC systems of this company have been manufactured with great precision.

This particular brand provides more options as compared to most of the brands at present. Carrier provides up to a rating of 21 SEER and also carrier repairs are quite inexpensive unlike the other companies in the HVAC industry.

The installers are likewise highly qualified much to the convenience of the consumers. Carrier also offers gas furnaces and heat pumps at present.


Amana is considered to be one of the most well-known names in the industry these days. Being a subsidiary of Goodman, an extensive range of SEER ratings is offered by this brand which ranges from 12 to 18.

According to the experts, a SEER rating of 16 is an appropriate setting for most of the buyers. Amana makes an effort to make its systems quiet using insulation.

Different warranties are offered by the brand for various models.


This brand provides both rooftop as well as standard air con systems. The models typically carry the Legacy and Evolution names. The AeroQuiet system is preferred by the customers since it helps to minimize the operational noises of some models to only 68 decibels.

Moreover, you will also come across an innovative high-tech thermostat which will allow you to programs the heating and cooling requirements beforehand. By adding humidity control you will be able to remain comfy without making any daily adjustments.


This brand is yet another reputed air con brand on the market which is noted for its affordable price range. In spite of this, it is a fantastic brand on which you can rely easily.

The products of the company come with solid quality and build, and it likewise offers warranty programs for your convenience. In a nutshell, Goodman will prove to be a real value for your money in the long run.


Being amongst the biggest heating and cooling suppliers on the planet, York offers as many as 11 models. In fact, 2 types of air con systems are offered by this brand which is known to deliver comfort as well as high-efficiency.

All the units come with beneficial features which begin from a SEER rating of 12 and reaching up to 21 SEER.

The revolutionary QuietDrive comfort system is one top-notch feature provided by the brand. It is actually a cutting-edge noise dampening feature which helps to keep the sound level down to 72 decibels.


This brand is appropriate for all those who are in the need of an affordable and highly-efficient solution for their residences.

Lennox offers 3 types of air con systems, and the range begins from a SEER rating of 14 up to as much as 26 SEER.

In fact, 9 out of 11 models of this brand have been accredited Energy Star, and this helps to make the Lennox an extremely energy-efficient brand on the market.


Rheem will be ideal for all those who need affordable air con units which are highly efficient. The brand provides 7 types of air con units at present which provide innovative features like modulating burners for controlling temperature accurately.

Moreover, the Prestige series features EcoNet-enabled systems and a Comfort Control system offering onboard diagnostics.


Daikin, which is considered to be amongst the biggest suppliers of heating and cooling systems on the planet, is known to make a complete line of mini-split and ductless air con systems plus indoor units.

Similar to Goodman, Daikin likewise makes use of quality components. It employs an inverter-type compressor that modulates at different speeds.

Even though there is no warranty for unit replacement, a lucrative 10-year parts warranty is provided by the company. Moreover, the warranty for the compressor is 12 years.

10. HEIL

Lastly, in this list, we will talk about Heil which performs well in every category including durability, warranty, and so on. Although they are identical to the Carrier models, they are much more affordable. The reason for this is to attract customers whose budget is limited.

Moreover, the parts used in the Heil units are available universally which implies that securing components in case of a repair will not be an issue whatsoever. Several model options are available including single-stage, five-stage, and two-stage units.


Let us hope that the above-mentioned reviews will help you to make a sensible decision when purchasing an aircon unit for your personal requirements.

However, in case you are a resident of San Diego then you should not think twice and come in touch with Cano Heating and Air, HVAC Services San Diego at the earliest. This company will provide you with impeccable services when it comes to air condition installation as well as repair and their rates are quite reasonable as well.

This company has satisfied numerous customers in and around the San Diego area during the last few years, and you too will not be an exception to that.

Stop looking at any other heating and air company and go with Cano. Javier was not only professional, on time, but he happily gave me a second opinion and saved me over $5,000. The Bill Howe’s and other companies were all too eager to have me replace my a/c system in a rental property I own. Javier very expertly concluded all I needed was a $237 capacitator and refilling of my refrigerant to bring my system back online working for my tenant. I am so glad I didn’t trust Bill Howe’s people who told me I was looking at $8,000-$8,500! Another quote was $6,300 and after looking up the parts, they were still charging over $4,000 in labor.

Felt like a total ripoff and I was right. Now, in about 5 years I will need to replace the system. It will be 20 years old. And when I do, I will be giving my business to Cano. If you want to do business with cute marketing jingles and pay a small fortune and feel like you just got screwed–then go with the “big guys!” But if you want honest service with competent work, hire CANO.

You will not be disappointed. I will be telling everyone I know. With the money we saved I can take an anniversary trip with my husband instead! Way to go, CANO! I will be looking forward to a long relationship with your company.

Angela Martin – Google Reviews

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