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Cano Air offers UV Air Purifier and Air Scrubber installation in San Diego and surrounding areas.

Know which option is best for your indoor environment needs.

Air quality is one of the main concerns in most of the houses, these days. There is no doubt that having a good quality indoor air is important for a healthy living.

Pollutant and allergens in indoor air can lead to several health issues such as breathing problem, respiratory infections, allergies etc.

Two of the main appliances that help you to purify and clean the indoor air are – UV (ultraviolet) air purifier and air scrubber.

You can contact one of the best and most reliable HVAC Contractor in San Diego to help you in this.


As we spend a lot of time indoors especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to ensure that the air quality inside your house is free of any pollutant.

As mentioned above, both UV air purifier and air scrubber are best at their job of cleaning the air.

But the main confusion arises when a person wants to buy it.

Which one is better the ultraviolet air purifier or the air scrubber?

Before we get into the details, we should know what these two are.


The UV (ultra-violet) air purifier is designed to use the short-wave UV-C light for cleaning the air. This UV-C light helps in inactivating the airborne pathogens as well as the microorganisms like bacteria, virus and molds. The ultimate goal of this appliance is to clean the indoor air pollutants and allergens.


Air scrubber is a machine or a system that can help in controlling the air pollution and purifying the air. It can remove the harmful and toxic particles from the air that can cause irritation while inhaling. Even it can also remove the gases and chemicals that can be harmful and toxic for your health.

As you can see, the ultimate goal and functionality of these two are quite similar. But you need to get into the details about their benefits, how they work and drawbacks.


The UV air purifier works with the help of the ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light of the purifier works quite similar to that of the natural sunlight.

This ultraviolet light can disrupt the DNA cells of the microorganisms which can kill or inactive them from being effective. When the germs, viruses and microbe get exposed to the ultraviolet light, they become incapacitated.

Majority of the UV or ultraviolet light bulbs are made up of quartz or phosphor in them. The light that they emit may be not visible to us but they are highly efficient and powerful.

The UV Air Purifier is a stand-alone appliance with single technology. This can clean the air inside your property. The indoor air is first pulled into the device and when it passes through the internal chamber, the air is exposed to the UV-light.

Due to the power of the UV light, the purifier can kill all the mold spores, bacteria, germs and viruses present in the air efficiently.


  • Directly interact with the air and eliminate harmful bacteria in the air
  • Focuses mainly in elimination of the harmful microorganisms
  • Results into a cleaner and better environment to live in
  • Helps you to get a good and clean quality indoor air
  • Works in absolute silence without making any noise
  • Remove the odor and allergens


  • UV light may degrade over repeated use
  • Efficiency of the UV bulbs is limited to 5,000 to 10,000 hours approximately
  • May not be highly effective in removing the smokes or chemical fumes


The technology used in the air scrubbers help to actively clean the air by releasing the crubbers’ while the air purifiers capture the contaminants and kills them. The air scrubbers use a type of filter than can capture the airborne particles.

They can also release a cleaning agent into the air to clean all the toxins naturally and effectively. You can check out the best air scrubber services in San Diego to clean the air and remove odors.

The air scrubbers clean the air by reducing the amount volatile organic compounds present in the air. Also it can help in cleaning the molds, pollutants and odor. The air scrubbers can also help in air freshening without releasing any kind of chemicals. They reduce the airborne toxins in your home naturally.

The air scrubbers come with a pre-filter and then a primary filter for filtering the airborne pollutants. It also contains a blower which exhausts the filtered air out of the unit into the house or room.


  • Cleans and purifies the indoor air efficiently
  • Freshen up the air and remove the odor
  • Remove the molds, allergens and pollutants
  • Reduce the allergy and asthma symptoms


  • Filters may need replacement if used daily
  • Dirty filters will make the air scrubbers useless
  • Can make some noise unlike ultraviolet air purifier


From the above, you have already known about the technologies that the ultraviolet air purifiers and air scrubbers use to work. It is quite evident that both of them are highly efficient and can do their work in the best way.

While UV air purifiers can be used in your home, offices and commercial spaces on regular basis, the air scrubbers are more for industrial needs. The air purifiers using the ultraviolet light technology can remove 99.9% germs, virus and bacteria along with molds from your house.

But the air scrubber is highly efficient in removing the smoke, chemicals fumes and odors. Hence, the use of the air scrubber is more efficient in the industrial needs.

Even the professionals use the air scrubbers to purify the air and remove the mold, odor or contaminants in a house which has gone through severe water damages.

As mentioned above, the ultraviolet air purifiers work in complete silence making it ideal for the home and office environment. On the other hand, the air scrubbers can be used in industrial uses and professional cleaning use where the sound may not be a factor.


Hence, you have to determine whether you want it for your home or office use or you want it for your industrial needs. In any case, you can contact the best HVAC Contractor in San Diego to assure that you are getting the best air scrubber or UV air purifier for your commercial or residential use. After all, having clean and purified indoor air is very much important to keep you and your family healthy.

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