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HVAC Contractor in San Diego: UV Light in HVAC Systems

Have you ever heard of UV light in the HVAC system? It is a promising new technology that will help to keep your home sanitized, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You see, every HVAC system needs maintenance. If the system remains unclean, microorganisms can develop inside it.

As a result, when you turn the AC on next time, it will disperse the germs across the house. It can cause breathing irritation among people.

In case someone is already suffering from lung infection or similar problems, it can get to make the condition worse.

Hence, regular cleaning of the HVAC system is mandatory.

That is why it is recommended to install UV lights your HVAC system. UV lights are effective at killing microbes and bacteria. It prevents germs from spreading through the air conditioning system and keeps you safe.

Why use the HVAC system with UV lights?

Everyone wants to have an HVAC system in the house. However, strict maintenance is necessary to keep up the air quality.

If there is any mistake in this, the HVAC system can spread harmful germs and bacteria in the atmosphere.

Some people may not be affected much, while others can face severe lung irritation. These people need an HVAC system with UV light installed in it.

It prevents the killing of the microbes in the system, keeping the air clean. As a result, the air that spreads around the house is fresh and free from germs.

Everyone does not need an HVAC system with UV light. But for some people, it is vital. If you are suffering from breathing issues, then you should get your hands on one of the products right away.

What are the benefits of UV light installation in the HVAC system?

It keeps the HVAC coil neat

The HVAC system coil tends to build dirt particles on it over time. Cleaning it can be troublesome.

However, if you have a UV light installed in it, the system gets cleaned on its own. On top of that, cleaning also consumes more power, which you will find out when you receive the electric bill.

By avoiding this situation, the HVAC system lowers maintenance as well as your monthly costs. Additionally, you will get the following benefits;

  • It gets rid of the odor
  • Improves the air for asthma and allergy patients
  • Removes volatile chemicals from the air
  • It lowers power consumption per month and reduces electric bills.
  • It automatically maintains the HVAC system
  • Lowers the maintenance needs of the unit

How efficient is the UV light to kill microorganisms?

UV has been used to kill germs and bacteria for a long time. In the past, UV light proved itself useful in killing viruses, molds, and bacteria. It was also effective in treating skin infections.

Over the years, the use of UV lights increased among hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants.

On top of that, UV light can kill bacteria that even the antibiotics fail to kill. Research shows that the presence of UV radiation in the HVAC system lowers the fungi present in the air.

Can you use it against COVID-19?

Although there isn’t enough information available about covid-19, a study suggests that moist air and ultraviolet radiation is the best way to fight with the virus.

Now, they are trying to replicate the technology on face masks so they can provide better protection to people.

In the HVAC system, the UV lights are germicidal irradiation light. Here, the effectiveness of UV light depends on its intensity and time of exposure.

Due to these factors, it is best to clean surfaces with sanitizers.

How many types of UV light HVAC systems are there?

Mainly there are two types of UV light used in the HVAC system. They are;

Air sanitizing lights

The HVAC system consists of ductwork. It kills the germs in the air. In most cases, there is a u-shaped light inside.

It comes with a blower as well. When it is switched on, it blows the heat from the light sterilizing the air in the process. This can be switched on and off when needed.

Coil sanitizing lights

Usually, these are present in the central HVAC system. It consists of an indoor coil that can encourage the development of bacteria and other types of microbes.

In the central HVAC system, the air is condensed in the coil as it passes through it. It contains debris, pet hair, and many other substances which boost bacterial growth.

From here, the air passes through the entire house. Hence, any microbe present in it gets spread across the rooms.

These are the most common types of UV lights. In the HVAC system, the light is left on the coil continuously. Thus is kills bacteria in time.

There are two types of light available for sterilization. One is dual-lamp, and the other is a single lamp. You may find any one of them in your central HVAC system.

Should I get an HVAC system?

It depends on the condition of your home. If your family members are healthy and you don’t catch cold often, then you probably don’t need it.

However, most people searching for this topic may be suffering from the issues already. Hence you can take the precautions;

  • Clean the HVAC system furnace regularly. It stops the microorganisms from multiplying on the coil.
  • Check with a technician if the high MERVE filter is suitable for your furnace.
  • Seal the ducts to stop the microorganisms from growing.
  • Install a UV light in the coil as it is the point of multiplication in the HVAC system.
  • If you are facing severe problems with cold, install the UV light in the system duct.
  • Clean the filter on time to make sure there is no further chance of microbe development.

Final words

If you want to improve the air quality of the house, you should get an HVAC system with UV light.

Before you get one, keep in mind that there are various types of UV light and HVAC systems in the market.

The combination of the two may bring out many results. Hence, learn about the possible combinations of the HVAC system and different types of UV lights.

After that, you can contact HVAC contractor in San Diego to install them in the house for you.

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