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What You Should Choose APCO Air Purifier

This is the perfect time to have filtration and air purification system installed in your home or office building. Pollen count is increased during this time, and when you turn on the air conditioning system there is a risk of sending bad quality air around the room.

Any well-known HVAC Contractor San Diego will tell you that APCO air purifier is one of the best options on the market when it come to UV Air Filtration Systems.

So, should you believe them? Do you really need it?

The answers to these questions have been discussed next for your better understanding. Thus, to know more, do read on.


Recent advancements have been made in order to increase the efficiency of your home and office building. In theory this is considered as a wonderful innovation, however, there is a huge problem associated with it.

Structures now happen to be air-tight and well-insulated because of which contaminants like germs, bacteria, mold and humidity get stuck inside. So, individuals are breathing in this contaminated air.

Moreover, the heating and air conditioning system happens to recirculate constantly this same bad quality air in our homes and offices.

Thus, the contaminants are getting passed around the whole building. So, it can be said that this issue causes the inside air to be more polluted than the outside air.

According to experts, indoor bad quality air is one of the top ten environmental health risks that the world is facing today.

It is seen that many establishments and household are using single-room air cleaners (for example: electronic air cleaner) to escape the issue.

However, they are known for producing ozone which is quite bad for health. Besides, most of these air cleaners are capable of purifying only smaller-sized spaces. So, they are unable to provide an ultimate solution for your problem.

Breathing in bad quality air is known for worsening symptoms of different respiratory illnesses including asthma. Bacteria are surely floating around in the air.

Besides, there also may be odor from laundry and cooking, chemical from cleaning products as well as fumes from building materials like odor killer or paint all trapped inside the room.

So, how can you resolve this problem?

Well, this is where the need for APCO system becomes important. A whole-house APCO air purifier provides an easy as well as safe solution for de-contaminating the air inside your home.

It is known for removing odors from laundry and cooking to smoking and chemicals. It can better the overall indoor air quality which allows you to breathe easier and helps everyone to stay healthy.

Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation is what APCO stands for, and it can be explained as air purifier that is installed into the ductwork of a central air conditioning system.

The air that passes through it is cleaned with a combination of activated carbon and UV-C light.

Thus, it has the ability to eliminate both odors and germs as well. In fact, an APCO air purifier is highly recommended by Cano Heating and Air, HVAC services in San Diego as it can eliminate most common indoor air pollutants as well as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like toluene and formaldehyde.

So, this system can effectively remove:

  • Chemicals
  • Dust
  • Viruses
  • Germs
  • Cooking odors
  • Pet odors
  • Tobacco smokes
  • Mold spores
  • Allergens


This air purification system can be installed directly into the ductwork of the central air system. With the unique combination of activated carbon and UV-C light it can filter and clean the air.

It will definitely fight bacteria, molds and other germs in the process. One of the best things about this system is the UV light which does its job without harming anyone.

The light will clean the HVAC equipment and destroy germs and also stop them from reproducing while being safe for pets and children. And all of these will be done without producing any harmful ozone.


Airborne contaminants are mainly categorized into three categories. Traditional or conventional filtration system are known to be effective against particulates such as dust.

However, they have no effects on VOCs/odors, germs and mold. But APCO air purifier system has been proven to safely remove or reduce both biological contaminants and VOCs, both throughout the entire house and inside the air system.

Germ-eliminating UV-C light and activated carbon work together in order to eliminate chemicals, odors and biological contaminants for the lifespan of the air system, keeping the system cleaner and thereby extending the lifespan of the system in question.

Conventional air purifiers are divided into two categories which are whole-house units and free-standing units. Both of these use traditional air filters to trap particles as the air circulates through the filter. So, older the filter gets, the less effective it becomes in trapping the harmful particles which escapes through the whole house.

APCO system are known for scrubbing the air of particles while removing germs and mold and neutralizing odors.

They do not use traditional filter for this. Thus, they are able to offer consistent air quality day in and day out regardless which season it is.

Besides, they do not omit harmful ozone like the traditional ones. In fact, they are known for removing ozone from the air.


Some other benefits which urges HVAC contractors to push for this kind of air purification system are:

  • Molds that forms along air conditioner coils can be eliminated with the help of the UV radiation present in this system. Molds on the coil not only causes bad odor to spread around the home, it also happens to reduce the lifespan of the AC system while releasing harmful spores into the home’s air.
  • The system comes with a life-time warranty. Only the UV lamp does not fall under warranty. But with regular maintenance, you need to replace it in every few years.
  • APCO system constantly works to disinfect the air in your office or home. It is self-cleaning, and in a way happens to be maintenance free. This technology has been used for years in hospitals in order to sanitize the place and keep a healthy, safe and de-contaminated environment.

So, if you have a loved one who is sensitive to allergies or has respiratory issues or if you just want to maintain a clean, safe and healthier home/office, then you need to go for the best HVAC Services San Diego that can install the APCO system effectively and quickly.

You can even contact them if you want to know more about this unique air purification system.

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