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Why Do People Choose Small Businesses for HVAC Services?

When you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC system and you need an AC or Heating contractor, it’s best to work with a qualified local professional, who has the knowledge and expertise to help you repair or replace the equipment as needed.

For example if you happen to live in the San Diego areas, a quick online search for HVAC services San Diego or flipping through your phone book would provide you with a list of services available in your area.

The next problem you have is, How to choose the right company for you?

Why are more and more people working with small local HVAC service providers?

While big name brands have the money it takes to make themselves appear appealing.

Deciding to work with a local smaller HVAC repair service has many benefits.

Here are just some.


More and more people are takin to the internet to find solutions to their problems, online reviews are becoming increasingly important. Obviously, if you work with a national provider, you’re going to see thousands of reviews.

Great!! but wait, remember that these are from all different parts of the country.

How can I know that the person who got this review is the same guy standing at my door? The simple answer is, you can’t.

There is absolutely no guarantee that the people who turn up at your door will be the technicians that got all these exceptional reviews.

However, there is a simple answer to this problem.

Stick with a local contractor then you can trust the reviews you read.

After convincing my mom to go with a family owned business, rather than big company, she called Cano Heating & AC. She called Javier midday and he was able to come out that afternoon. The next day, his team arrived on time and finished installing the unit and cleaned up the area around the furnace in about two hours. Javier came in the afternoon to do maintenance on her second AC unit. When explaining the issues to my mom he was thorough and kind. They also wore face masks and covered their shoes in her house. They are great!

Sher F. | Yelp Reviews

Personalized service and Local Knowledge.

When you work with an HVAC contractor who’s local to the San Diego area, they will have unique insight into the services and equipment that they let them need to work on San Diego HVAC systems.

You are probably unaware of the fact that the setup of an HVAC system will vary from one state to state. Even from one part of a state to another, California is a prime example.

Also, if you sign a service agreement with a local HVAC company, you have a much higher possibility of receiving more personalized services .

Javier was great and came to get my minisplit system up and running while other HVAC guys left me hanging. He spend only an afternoon and took his time to share his very impressive knowledge with me while only charging me half of what others had asked.

If you want a knowledgeable tradesman that takes honor in the work he delivers, look no further, this family business is the go to HVAC in San Diego.

Dries V. | Yelp Reviews

Swift response times

This one should be obvious but if you’re working with a local HVAC provider, one based in your area, as opposed to a national chain they have a tendency to provide much quicker response times.

This usually means you should not have to worry about suffering without air conditioning or heat for too long.

Peace of mind

Given time, it’s likely that you end up being on a first name basis with the technician who works at a local AC contractor in San Diego.

When you’re getting your system serviced regularly, it’s nice to see the same face walking in every time.

This kind of peace of mind isn’t readily available when you work with national chains. It highly unlikely you will be lucky enough to find the owner of the company knocking on your door..

Higher level of customer service

Because their local reputation is essential to the success of their company, local HVAC services providers in San Diego are far more likely to give you a higher level of customer service.

You won’t really have to worry about spending 10, 15, or 20 minutes on hold just to schedule a visit.

Support local businesses

In uncertain financial times, it’s better to keep your hard-earned money in your local community.

Large national chains are less likely to suffer, but your local HVAC service provider will be very grateful for any work you can send his way. The stronger the local economy, the stronger your local society.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best HVAC Services San Diego

Choosing a service provider that you both trust to come into your home and to replace a repair your HVAC system is never easy. On top of offering you peace of mind, you need to find a company who has the expertise and equipment needed to complete the job.

You also want to know that you’re going to get treated with respect, the prices you charged are fair and they will treat your home with care.

Always shop around

It’s important to take a bit of time to do some due diligence. Before ever committing to one HVAC company San Diego to replace and repair your AC.

You should do some research into the requirements needed to work as a state contractor, what exactly your HVAC system entails, and look into several potential HVAC companies

Look for local reviews

You may be new to San Diego, so the option of asking friends or family to recommend someone to repair your HVAC may not be possible. If the company you’re looking at consistently receives excellent reviews, they may be worth reaching out to.

You could always just ask your neighbours who they work with.

Enquire about their experience

Once you made your shortlist start reaching out one by one. Firstly inquire about how much experience they have. The length of time the company has remained in business, it’s always a good barometer on the standard of service that they provide.

Get references

Even small local contractors in San Diego should be able to provide you with a series of trustworthy references.

Also receiving the reference isn’t enough, make sure you contact them and follow through with some questions regarding the project that they completed and the technician’s attitude and performance.

Are they insured and licensed?

Never work with anyone who is not insured or licensed.

Firstly, you cannot work as an HVAC contractor in San Diego without both, so make sure you get their license number and give the state contracting, licensing board a quick call.

Ask for a discount.

Never forget that this is still a competitive market, while getting a good price shouldn’t be your top priority if you intend to sign a long-term service agreement, asking for a deal you should never hurt the worst they can say is no.

Get your estimate in writing

Before you let any work start, make sure you get your estimate in writing it has, and it has been fully itemized.

This will also allow you to compare it with the prices of other HVAC providers in the area.

Do they work with Energy Star products?

Energy efficiency is essential for any HVAC system in San Diego to make sure you choose a contractor who only works with energy star qualified products

If you need a local HVAC contractor San Diego that you can trust, please contact Cano Heating and Air today.

A tale of 2 companies: We purchased a home central air conditioning system about a year ago from a different company and the follow up service has been the worst. The system stopped cooling this summer and we have had all kinds of difficulty getting someone from the company to come out: missed appointments, late to appointments, all kinds of excuses, and an inability to fix a Freon leak in our system — basically either total incompetence or an attitude that says they really don’t care.

Finally, after yet another no-show to an appointment on one of the hottest days of the year, we called Cano. It was Saturday and the receptionist, Rose, said she was booked until the following week but gave a referral to another company who might be able to come out earlier. I called the other company and left a message but started getting panicky about being stuck without AC in temperatures over 100 degrees. I called Rose back to see if perhaps she could have a tech come out after their shift to put some Freon in our unit as a stop-gap. Rose, bless her heart, said she would try and called us back to say that Javier would help us after his next job.

Javier came out and tested our unit. He found and fixed the leak within an hour. Then he refilled our Freon and said he would take care of us if we had any other problems w/ it. That afternoon, the temps reached 113 degrees in East County and there was a fire burning near Alpine so we wouldn’t have been able to even open the windows. I don’t know what we would have done without the help from Javier and Rose

Ray W. |Yelp Reviews

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