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Why Your Indoor Air Quality Is Important During Covid-19

It cannot be denied that Covid-19 is a scary crisis. That is why people are doing what they can to protect themselves in every way possible.

Another important way to protect yourself and your family is to ensure that the indoor air of your space is of good quality.

We, Cano Air, an HVAC company in San Diego, will address why this issue is important.

What the research says

Covid-19 does indeed spread primarily when there is the presence of close person to person contact. On the other hand, there are other forms of transmission of Covid-19 as well, according to scientific research.

The evidence is strong to indicate that Covid-19 possesses the powerful ability to live on various types of surfaces for long periods of time.

Not only that, there is also shocking evidence that indicates that this infectious virus is able to rest in the air for more extensive periods of time than what was previously realized at the start of the pandemic.

In addition, the evidence shows that the virus also tends to be able to reach distances wider than six feet apart.

The research shows that there is a high probability of Covid-19 being spread in indoor environments when there is the presence of particles in the air that contain Covid-19 bacteria.

With the realization that the Corona virus can spread more extensively than the social distancing measurement of six feet that has been recommended, it is truly needful for air to be clean in homes and buildings in an effort to reduce the spread of this horrible virus.

Other impacting factors regarding the spread of airborne Covid-19 indoors

The design of a building along with the layout of the building are recognized as being able to contribute to the spreading of this virus via airborne pathways.

It is further realized that the level of occupancy of a place, along with the kind of HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) can make an impact regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Most assuredly, it. is realized by health officials that when improvements are applied to air conditioning and ventilation, such efforts on their own accord are not able to eradicate the full risk of the virus being transmitted in an airborne manner.

However, the EPA does set forth the recommendation that precautions should be implemented for the sake of creating a reduction in the possible transmission of Covid-19 via airborne methods.

Therefore, it is noted that there should be the precaution of augmenting the amount of ventilation of a space with the usage of outdoor air. Also, it is highly imperative to use good quality air filtration. These steps do not replace the need for hand washing, wearing masks, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, along with other precautions.

They simply strengthen the efforts that are being made to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. That is why a high focus is placed on preventing the virus from being transmitted via airborne particles.

Air quality is often not good

Just as clean water is a human right, so clean air should be the human right of all people as well. But the reality is that the quality of indoor air is frequently less than acceptable due to the presence of cigarette smoke, mold or air pollution.

There are things that can be done to make improvements to the quality of indoor air in a rapid and efficient manner when the correct solutions are put in place.

We can help you with your air quality by improving your HVAC system, as we provide top quality HVAC services San Diego.

Air pollution in consideration of the risk of contracting Covid-19

Health officials have set forth the warning that residents of cities that have a lot of air pollution hold a higher risk of contracting Covid-19. This is due to the fact air pollution can result in people getting asthma, high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as well as diabetes.

It is realized that there are more harsh consequences when such people contact Covid-19, as Covid-19 is more difficult for people who have health issues that have been caused by air pollution prior to the contracting of Covid-19.

Small particles of air pollution that are airborne have viruses that are found on their surface.

Research indicated, for example, that the cases of corona virus in some areas was in direct correlation to the level of air pollution in a particular region.

But the good news is that good indoor air quality can help to reduce the risk of contracting the corona virus when there is less access to air pollution affecting the quality of the air inside a space.

If you would like to ensure that the air in your space is of good quality, then we can provide a professional AC contractor San Diego to help you out.

Knowing what contributes to the poor quality of indoor air

During the time of the pandemic, the reality is that now most people are indoors for longer periods of time. That means that it is of paramount importance to give consideration to the elements that augment the level of particle matter within the air inside a space.

Such elements include cigarette smoke, frying food, burning candles, the usage of strong chemicals as well as letting in air pollution from outside.

If you notice that there are some smells present that seem odd and peculiar, such as mold, then it is imperative to discover the issue that is responsible for contributing to the presence of the smells.

Moreover, if you have noticed the presence of a new smell from something, this can be the result of volatile organic compounds (which in shortened form are referred to as VOCs), which are being emitted from plastics, fire retardants, varnishes or adhesives in a space.

During this pandemic of Covid-19, it is important to reduce things that contribute to the poor quality of indoor air in order to reduce your risk of being more prone to getting Covid-19.

Therefore, for your peace of mind and the health of you and your family, let us help ensure that the quality of air of your space is as good as it can be.

We provide professional HVAC services San Diego and truly desire to be instrumental in helping you and your family to stay well via good quality air.

Javier and his crew were excellent, professional and by far the most knowledgeable. After contacting 4 HVAC specialist this team I found had the most fair price for the quality and materials used. Javier absolutely loves his trade and he has no problem with explaining exactly what they are doing so you can understand as well. His team was efficient and pleasant upon installation and left no mess and the work looked great. Would recommended to anyone!

-Jeff R | Yelp Reviews

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